About us

Well ever thought of getting answers to all your questions at one place, well guess you’re at the right place. We here at L.I.K.E believe that everyone should have platform to say, deliberate, read and write their opinions therefore we provide you with a one stop legal platform which encourages, acknowledges and welcomes the art of Legal Fraternity in expressing their knowledge and information.
The idea behind L.I.K.E is to come up with a platform where everyone is empowered with a platform to bring out their views upon different facets of law in a different light to trigger debates and deliberation and develop a critique culture therefore our sole focus remains on   bringing out worthwhile content on various facets of law via different means and also to reach out to people amid legal fraternity and the public at large to make them aware and “be the change”. Therefore, we here at like aim to fight the exploitation in the society through our platform by giving voice to new and unconventional thoughts 
L.I.K.E believes in the importance of quality and to achieve the highest standards of Publications follows a Double Blind Review process.